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NON - Girl Graduate Plan Lane Miniatures

Retail, Promotional, and Prototypes

In the 1990's, the Girl Graduate Plan was in its final years.  Therefore, Lane was looking for a market where they could sell the miniature boxes and keep the miniature department in the Altavista, VA factory viable.  Boxes were sold through national retailers as well as directly from the company.  Unfortunately, the last box left the miniature department in 1998 and the manufacturing equipment was sold off and most employees were relocated to other areas of the Lane factory.  As you will see below, many of the later boxes were made out of pine, not cedar.  

Many of the photos (those with wording embedded in the photo) were taken from a brochure distributed by the company in 1997. 

Several well-known and respected artists were used for the lid art including Patty Butters, Beth Zink and Virginia Artist, P. Buckley Moss. 

Interestingly, some of the boxes shown below have never been seen on the open market leading to the hypothesis that they were not widely purchased.

Also below are boxes that were made by Lane and likely never distributed but are, rather, limited production promotional boxes or prototypes that never made it to full production.  

As additional boxes and names are found they will be added below.

Lane cedar box - Disney

Cartoon Mickey 154-01

Lane cedar box - Disney

Courtship Minnie/Mickey 156-01

Lane cedar box - Disney

Holiday Mickey and Friends 165-01

Lane cedar box - Disney

Sweetheart Mickey 152-01

Lane cedar box - Disney

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 157-01

Lane cedar box - Doves
Lane cedar box - Heart
wedding bouquet_edited.jpg

Wedding Bouquet 161-01


Victorian Bouquet 112-01


Carrousel  143-01

Lane cedar box golf
Lane cedar box golf
Lane cedar box golf
Lane cedar box Soccer

Baseball 176-01 dated  1996

Lane cedar box basketball
Lane cedar box volleyball
Lane cedar box golf
s-l1600 (3).jpg

159-01 Flag

Lane cedar box love birds
Lane cedar box heart
Lane cedar box Christmas Goose
Lane cedar box Santa Claus

Christmas Bell 132-01

Lane cedar box heart
Lane cedar box pastel hearts
Lane cedar box Moss
Lane cedar box Uncle Sam
s-l1600 (1).jpg

Artist: P. Buckley Moss, 85th Anniversary, 1997 stamped on bottom

Lane cedar box American flag

Logo stamped inside lid notes:  90 Year Anniversary (2002?)

Lane cedar box Home Sweet Home Wyatt

Artist: M. Wyatt

Lane cedar box

Dated on bottom 1995

Lane cedar box Turley

Artist: Glynda Turley

Lane cedar box

Dated 1995

Heart and flowers_not_sure.jpg

Much like "Bountiful" but not exactly the same.  


Jewelry box prototype.  Painted mahogany.  


Jewelry box prototype. Mahogany.  

s-l1600 (6).jpg

Large Rounded (LR) box - mahogany. Only one found.  Prototype? 


Mahogany. Jewelry box prototype.


Made on Lane manufacturing line after moving to Boston, KY - not by Lane


Made on Lane manufacturing line after moving to Boston, KY - not by Lane.  Art by Glyda Turley

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