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Bottom Ink Stamps Numbers 

Possible date stamps

A very small percentage (less than 5%) of Short Rounded and Tall boxes (so far) have been found to have 3 and 4 digit numbers stamped in ink on their bottoms.  The working hypothesis is these numbers, when read backwards (like the serial numbers on other Lane furniture pieces), represent the month and year of the box's manufacture.  So far this hypothesis is consistent with what has already been documented about the box ages.  Below are examples of the number (date?) stamps.  These "dates" are being used in the chronology study until which time it is clear they are NOT related to actual dates of manufacture.

4511 - Translation - Nov. 1954 - Tall Box


453 - Translation - Mar. 1954 - Tall Box

bottom stamp 4511.jpg

4511 - Translation - Nov. 1954 - Tall Box

4512 bottom stamp.jpg

4521 - Translation - Dec. 1954 -Tall Box

bottom stamp654.jpg

654- Translation - Apr. 1956 - Short Rounded Box

552 bottom stamp.jpg

552 - Translation - Feb. 1955 - Tall Box

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